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This quiche is super delicious and potentially super-paleo.  I splurged with a little organic cheese and butter since we were eating it Easter morning.  Butter, there is nothing quite like you!  You could leave out the cheese, and grease your pan with coconut oil instead of butter.  The rest of the ingredients, so incredible in […]

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I’m rather new to using coffee grounds in my garden.  I recently discovered that Starbucks gives away their grounds; you can stop in your local shop and they’ll bag up a bundle for you to take home.  I picked up my first bag this weekend.  I used a super delicate method of application, known as […]

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This is one of my husband’s favorite desserts, and has become our annual Pascha tradition.  Traditions are one of the things I love most in the world, and so even though I don’t eat this dessert, I make it for him.  This year he wanted me to try a new version using semolina instead of […]

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  This week: 1.  The best Pascha grocery run (not pictured: cherry wine, more chocolate, leg of lamb) 2.  The best first bloom in the garden 3.  The best Easter basket (bicycle coming forthwith)

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These cupcakes are my favorite.  They turned out moist and flavorful and can’t-eat-just-one good.  Frosting is not paleo’s strong suit, and I debated a few different recipes.  I tried a small batch of one and it turned out bizarre.  The cupcakes are plenty delicious on their own, but if you’re jonesing for some frosting on top, I was thinking […]


image is from Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog My regular photography series posted on Fridays has been bumped for this Good Friday “photograph”.  While not a photograph in the traditional sense, but rather an icon, the words of Metropolitan Silouan help put this picture into a beautiful perspective: “It is the icon of the Lord of the […]


    Brazilian Court Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida.  Visited February 2012. This hotel was one of the most gorgeous and serene places I’ve ever visited.  Built in 1926 it has the classic Mediterranean style of many of the buildings in the area, with the pale yellow stucco and beautiful tiled roof. While I sipped and […]


When you’re journeying through a long Holy week, when you’re going through a hard patch in life, when you’re working through difficult decisions, it’s good to be reminded of this joyful news.  I’m finding these words to be a beautiful encouragement during this week–this season of my life.  I hope they are for you, too.  Be of good […]

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My mother had hand-embroidered tea towels like these when I was growing up.  She gave me a pattern so I could make my own set when I was in middle school, and I discovered it recently while I was cleaning.  If we gathered all the projects that I had ever gotten or begun and never […]

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If you’re in the mood for a little chocolate bread to accompany your tea or coffee, this might be just the perfect thing.  Inspired by this recipe I’ve created a lovely and not-so-sweet treat for your morning or afternoon snack breaks. Mix with beater on low: 1/2 cup coconut cream (from the top of a […]


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